The SeeWare Platform Use Case for Spaces

SeeWare for Spaces provides real-time, accurate occupancy information for public and private offices and buildings.


Understand occupancy in real time

Sensors count people and objects, including tables and chairs, to map in real time how the space is being used.

people in office

Fine tune how your space is measured

Camera streams can be divided into detection zones allowing fine-grained analysis of individual spaces.

Key Capabilities

Key detection capabilities for SeeChange:

 Detection Zones  

Sub-divide camera views into detection zones for fine-grained analysis of spaces

 Detection Zone groupings  

Create full building and site hierarchies

 Chair and desk detection  

Detection can be tuned for specific types

 Average dwell time  

Understand people flow

 Threshold counts  

Count people in and out of spaces

 Distinct person counting  

Understand the total number of unique individuals that have visited a space over a defined period

The SeeWare Platform has security and privacy 
built in from the ground up

Real Time Analytics

Detailed real-time and historical analytics can be displayed, either through SeeWare’s SeeView template dashboards, or via integration with existing third-party data packages.

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