Obstruction detection Fire safety compliance

Our Obstruction Detection and Fire Safety compliance solution is a powerful addition to our Health and Safety product. 

It monitors in real time important pathways like fire exits to ensure they are clear from blockages, sending alerts to your team on the ground so that swift action can be taken.  It can also monitor fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment, ensuring they are in place, with clear access.

Our solution integrates with existing surveillance infrastructure, requiring no additional equipment to be installed locally.  Using powerful computer vision algorithms it continually monitors selected areas for blockages, sending real time alerts helping you avoid dangerous situations and any associated liabilities. 

We’ve designed our Obstruction Detection and Fire Safety solution to scale easily across multiple venues, with easy configuration.  It’s low maintenance with technology that automatically adjusts if cameras are accidentally moved or knocked.  And it’s smart enough to differentiate between people and other objects, reducing the chances of false alarms. 

The Obstruction Detection and Fire Safety compliance solution combines with our spill detection solution to deliver the perfect solution for businesses looking to protect their customers and staff, whilst reducing liabilities.