As well as detecting objects such as people, our models can also differentiate between different types of vehicle, including buses, trucks, cars and bicycles. Combined with our detection zone mechanism this can – for example – be used to alert when there are lane infringements, or junctions are misused.

Real-time lane infringement detection

Bus lane verification is one of several capabilities we’re developing to help with improving traffic flow and enforcement.

Measuring traffic flow

Real time traffic flow measured across a specified threshold.

Key Capabilities

Key capabilities include:

 Vehicle type recognition  

Differentiating between trucks, buses, cars and bicycles, in multiple weather and lighting conditions

 Lane infringement  

Detecting when a vehicle is in a restricted lane

 Traffic light state recognition  

Detecting and alerting on traffic signal state

 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR / ALPR)  

Licence / Number plate recognition

 Vehicle counting  

Counting vehicles flowing across a point in either direction

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