Spill Detection

An intelligent, low cost spill detection and monitoring system designed to reduce the amount of trips, slips, and falls caused by liquid spills.

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The challenge

Slips, trips and falls cost businesses over $11 billion each year.  Around half of these accidents are caused by slips from spills that would have been avoided if they had been noticed and dealt with in time.  SpillDetect from Ocucon is built on the SeeWare computer vision platform using our sophisticated and purpose-built machine learning model.  It provides real-time early warning of spills as they appear, protecting people from injury and businesses from related liability costs.

The Solution

Using existing CCTV cameras

Key to the design of SpillDetect is the ability to integrate with existing camera infrastructure. This allows for quick and easy installation, and rapid deployment across multiple sites.

Reduces Accidents & Liabilities

Our state-of-the-art machine learning model has been trained on over 8,000 spill images, covering multiple floor and liquid types. Additional image enhancement techniques improve the detection quality to an unprecedented level. Alerts are sent locally via a dashboard, and can be consumed on standard PC, mobile or tablet devices. Integration with existing in-building alerting systems is also possible.

Delivered as a Cost-Effective Service

SpillDetect is delivered through a low-cost monthly subscription that scales with your business as required.