The perfect in-store retail solution

As part of the SeeChange retail product we are developing leading edge solutions for retail stores, serving depot to checkout, and underpinned by the SeeWare edge-to-cloud vision platform.

Our simple and flexible licensing and deployment model makes it easy to select the functionality you need, keeping costs to a minimum and easing the technology rollout. Contact us for more information.



At SeeChange we’re developing leading edge solutions that target key pain points within retail depots and warehouses.  The advanced models we’re building will help you locate and track key depot items, adding significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of your sites.

Pallet & packaging detection

Locate pallets and packaging around the site in real time

Shelf stock reconciliation

Reconcile stock on warehouse shelves with stock records

Find empty shelf spaces

Health & safety

Detect out-of-place machinery or packaging

Detect damaged palettes and totes

Detect and notify on PPE compliance

Shelf Stock

Our solutions can help improve and streamline in-store on-shelf stock availability and Planogram compliance.   Local notifications indicate to store workers the priorities for restock, presenting clear visual indications of the aspects within each shelf that contribute to non-compliance.  There has never been a clearer way to communicate and control required shelf stock levels and overall planogram for key locations in your stores.

Our edge-to-cloud product architecture allows for direct comparisons between stores, to monitor compliance trends and to set per-store targets via campaigns.  Links to stock management systems allows direct correlation between stock availability on shelf, and the ability to restock based on sales rates.  All in real time.

Our machine learning models achieve all this without requiring any product recognition training, significantly reducing the on-going maintenance of the system.

Stock Shrinkage

Whilst self-checkout solutions have revolutionised retail store efficiency, the rate of loss through product shrinkage has increased. Our vision solutions work by reconciling in real time what is scanned with what is seen.

Our product SKU recognition works across all product types through automated product enrolment, crucially without the need for individual SKU training.

Shopper Analytics

Do you want to understand key metrics for shoppers interacting with your stores?  Our range of shopper and retail analytics use advanced vision algorithms to understand complex behaviours and delivering retail insights.  A selection of capabilities is shown here.

Occupancy and flow counting

Best-in-class people detection provide detailed, fine-grained analysis of in-store occupancy, including counting two-way flow across thresholds.  Configure notifications when thresholds go above or fall below specific values and view aggregated historical values across the store and multiple sites as required.

Suspicious behaviour detection

Real time detection of in-aisle suspicious behaviour, with local notifications sent to in store security.

PPE compliance

Real time detection of mask wearing with local feedback for store visitors as a friendly reminder to stay safe.  Our models detect both that a mask is being worn, and whether it is being worn correctly (covering both nose and mouth).

Talk with an Expert

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