SeeChange provides the SeeWare platform, enabling the development of real-time visual intelligence solutions for retail stores. Based on the use of advanced computer vision algorithms running edge to cloud we’re advancing the use of machine learning technologies to revolutionise efficiency in retail, from depot to checkout.

We’re a passionate team of AI and IoT professionals intent on changing the world through the smart use of distributed computer vision technology.

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SeeChange Technologies Ltd

Registered company number in the UK: 12843779

SeeChange History

SeeChange started with life within an Arm incubation unit, running in stealth mode for two years exploring our CEO Jason Souloglou’s vision of computer vision running edge to cloud. Looking at solutions across multiple industries including healthcare and smart cities, the team settled their initial focus on retail stores where the technology is perfectly suited to add real value.

In September 2020 the unit spun out as SeeChange – a wholly owned Arm subsidiary company – and announced SeeWare, a platform-as-a-service (PAAS) that enables developers to build powerful solutions for retail stores. SeeChange is working with a number of key partners, already experienced in providing technology solutions into retail stores. If this sounds like you, please do get in touch.

In October 2021 SeeChange completed the spinout from Arm and became a fully independent company.

About SeeWare

SeeWare simplifies building powerful and efficient edge-to-cloud retail solutions. Developers can leverage the power of a rich set of components, integrating into their own solutions via a set of comprehensive APIs. SeeWare allows you to run these components on suitably-equipped edge devices, local servers, or in the cloud as required – whatever suits your use-case.

SeeWare details & Architecture

SeeChange Vision and Mission Statement

We build software solutions than enable machines to recognise real-world scenarios in real time, specifically making cameras intelligent to solve everyday businesses problems. We do this ethically and responsibly, respecting individuals’ rights and privacy, meeting and exceeding our partners’ and customers’ expectations.

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