The perfect retail solution


Pallet & packaging detection
Shelf stock reconciliation
Health & safet

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Real-time monitoring and alerting of shelf stock level
Planogram compliance

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Stock shrinkage

Theft-detection at self-checkout
Product recognition through auto enrolment

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Shopper analytics

Occupancy and flow counting
Suspicious behaviour detection
PPE (mask) compliance

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How it Works

In simple terms, SeeWare computer vision software technology makes sensors smart – capable of detecting people, objects and their interactions, with actionable insights feeding end use cases.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, our solutions, running on standard gateways, allow retailers and other industries to make real world decisions in real-time – and the possibilities are practically endless. See our Industries page for more details.

Talk with an Expert

Request a free consultation or a demonstration with one of our experts to determine how the SeeWare Platform integrates advanced artificial intelligence seamlessly into the real-world, in real-time.